Mode Visualization mode.
Disable undesired modes in Config.
Random mode Randomize visualization mode on track change or time interval
Bar spacing Octave bands modes only
(no effect when LUMI is on)
Line width Line width for Line Graph mode and Outline effect
Fill opacity Fill opacity for Line Graph mode and Outline effect
Gradient Color gradient for the analyzer bars. Disable undesired gradients in Config.
  • AUTO Select next gradient automatically on each track change
  • SPLIT In Stereo, split the gradient so both channels have the same colors
  • LEDS Apply a LED effect to the analyzer bars (octave bands modes only)
  • LUMI Show full height bars with varying luminance (octave bands modes only)
  • Alpha Bar amplitude affects its opacity
    (no effect in area/line graph modes)
  • Outline Outlined bars (octave bands modes only)
  • RADIAL Circular analyzer with radial frequencies
    (disables LEDS and LUMI) | C
Radial Spin Radial spin speed
Background Select background option
Bg image fit Adjust the size and position of the background image | ShiftB
Background dim Adjust the intensity of the background image or video
Reflex Vertical reflection style
(no effect when LUMI or RADIAL are on)
Mirror Horizontal mirroring effect
Sensitivity Improve visualization of songs too quiet or too loud. Customize in Config.
Frequency Range Lowest and highest frequencies represented in the X-axis
Smoothing Lower values make the analyzer respond faster to changes
Fullscr height Fullscreen analyzer height (%)
Shift + /
  • SCALE X Toggle frequency (Hz) scale on the X-axis
  • SCALE Y Toggle level (dB) scale on the Y-axis
  • INFO Display song info at song start/end.
    Customize display times in Config.
  • PEAKS Hold peak levels for a short time
  • FLAT Disable shadow on canvas text
    (may improve performance)
  • LO-RES Lower canvas resolution to improve rendering speed
  • Stereo Toggle Stereo analyzer
  • FPS Display current frame rate | H
Preset Load a configuration preset.
"Last session" restores last used configuration settings.
Save current settings to the "Custom" preset.

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